American Idol 7 Recap - April 30, 2008

    And then there were 4.

    American Idol 7 started off the night with the Idols singing a bunch of songs in tribute to Neil Diamond. It was incredibly amateur and awful at best. For a show with so many viewers and a sh*tload of money, you'd think a little professionalism would be in order.

    Then Ryan Seacrest walked us into a recap of last night's performances; Paula Abdul's screw up didn't make the cut.

    But upon returning, Ryan mentioned the fiasco and said that, despite all the rumors circulating on the Internet about Paula, she is part of the Idol family and they are not true. I knew it; they're not prescribed.

    Then it was time to call out a couple of contestants:

    Jason Castro: You are safe
    David Archuleta: You are safe

    Wow, there's a freakin' shocker. After the commercial we returned to a great big promo for So You Think You Can Dance, which airs on May 22, 2008. Then it was time to call out more contestants:

    David Cook: You are safe
    Syesha Mercado: You are in the bottom 2
    Brooke White: You are in the bottom 2

    Natasha Bedingfield showed up to promote herself and sang "Take Me Away," which is a great song, by the way.

    Ryan then took some calls from viewers and one of them was a woman who kissed Simon Cowell when he was all of 8 years old. He called her his first crush. It was nice to see Simon blush, although his chest is always red.

    We returned to witness another Ford ad; it was cute but nothing spectacular.

    Neil Diamond then performed "Pretty Amazing Grace" off his new album. It was like watching an old fart at a child's party.

    Finally, it was time to decide one person's fate.

    Brooke White was sent home tonight. And boy did she ever have a meltdown. It was touching and brought tears to my eyes.Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 30, 2008

    If you thought the Miley Cyrus picture was bad, get a load of this Disney image, that is essentially targeted at pedophiles. (Jossip)

    Lindsay Lohan is about to release her third album (I didn't even know she had two out already) and word has it that it's going to be quite good. (Gossip Girls)

    Believe it or not, Clay Aiken has an identical twin and she stars in Spamalot alongside him. (Just Jared)

    Hulk Hogan oils up his daughter Brooke Hogan's butt while she suntans and I have to say, it looks quite incestuous. (IDLYITW)

    Kate Hudson graces the cover of People's 100 Most Beautiful issue. (ICYDK)Source URL:
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Best Joke of the Year

American Idol 7 Recap - April 29, 2008

    Tonight was Neil Diamond night on American Idol 7, as the popular singer mentored the Top 5 through their two song choices. Of note, some chick was holding up a sign in the audience that read "My husband has a man-crush on Seacrest." Sweetie, your husband doesn't have a man-crush; he's a flamer.

    As well, after the first round of songs, the judges were asked to give their opinions of the first songs sung, Paula Abdul, the sober one of the bunch, goes on a tangent about how she enjoyed Jason Castro's first performance but thought the second one was better. Problem is that the second one had yet to happen. Give her another bourbon.

    Now let's get to the performances:

    Jason Castro
    Sang: Forever in Blue Jeans AND September Morn

    Ugh! Please someone put this guy out of his misery. The redundancy of his sound shone through this evening because he had two performances and sounded exactly the same in both, despite the varying lyrics. It was atrocious, to say the least.

    David Cook
    Sang: I'm Alive AND All I Really Need Is You

    The first performance was blah so I spent my time wondering why the letters AC were on his jacket and guitar. Then I figured that it was his brother's initials (he's suffering from brain cancer). But David managed to knock it out of the ballpark with his second performance. It was sex incarnate.

    Brooke White
    Sang: I'm A Believer AND I Am... I Said

    Brooke is, how do you say? Strange. She comes out for her first performance belting out the song essentially made popular by the recent Shrek movies, and it was laughable at best. But then she showed off why she's still there with her second performance, sitting by the piano and wearing her heart on her sleeve.

    David Archuleta
    Sang: Sweet Caroline AND America

    Monotonous and predictable (God I hope his dad doesn't hunt me down and beat me), David sang the only way he knows how and the judges ate it up. His second performance was a very smart choice (Simon Cowell agrees) and I'm sure he'll sail on through to the Top 4.

    Syesha Mercado
    Sang: Hello Again AND Thank the Lord For the Nighttime

    I thought it bizarre that Neil Diamond asked her for a hug after she showed him what she can do (he probably just wanted a good breast squish), but Syesha really showed off her talent tonight with two very different performances that were equally impressive. I think that Simon is right that she's going to be in the bottom tomorrow, but it's not because she's bad; it's because she's just not as popular as the rest of the crew.

    My predictions for who's going home:
    Syesha Mercado
    (but I wish it was Jason Castro)Source URL:
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Scarlett Johansson Falling Down Video

    I have to admit that I was skeptic when I heard that Scarlett Johansson was releasing a music album, but I'm quite impressed by it. Here's is the first 55 seconds of falling down, a cover song of Tom Waits' with David Bowie in the background.

    Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 29, 2008

    Scarlett Johansson says that, although she may look like a slut, she is far from one and doesn't have any diseases. (CelebNewsWire)

    Make sure you tune in to Oprah this Friday because Tom Cruise is going to outdo his couch jumping performance from the last time he was on. (dListed)

    Angie Everhart got busted for a DUI. (IDLYITW)

    Rumors abound that Mariah Carey is engaged to Nick Cannon. He's not denying it because it's helping him promote a film he has coming out. (ICYDK)

    The Beckhams and the Cruises have parted ways because Tommy boy can't be friends with people who aren't Scientologists. (Handbag)Source URL:
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The Bachelor London Calling Recap - April 28, 2008

    And then there were 2.

    We started off in beautiful Barbados where the weather was perfect but we never really got to see Matt Grant without his clothes on. Even when he swam, the chest and abs areas were avoided by the camera. I think someone needs to work on their pecs.

    #1 Shayne

    Matt met up with Shayne "Lamas" and the two went jet skiing and then jumped up and down on a water trampoline where Shayne got to show Matt just how flexible she was, splits and all. Guys just love that sort of thing.

    Then during dinner, Shayne admitted that she was falling in love with Matt, and the sucker that he is, Matt believed it. He told her he was falling for her as well. The two spent the evening in the fantasy suite together and Shayne performed fellatio on him. Or so I'm guessing.

    #2 Amanda
    The couple started off by going zip riding (I think that's what it's called), and then had their dinner where Amanda got to tell Matt that, like, she really, like, is, like, falling for him, like, and she doesn't, like, not want to spend her, like, life with him. Ugh, it was so annoying.

    Needless to say, they spent the evening in the fantasy suite and she likely talked his ear off the entire evening.

    #3 Chelsea
    The date started off awkwardly enough; Chelsea barely touched Matt the entire time, and he was feeling abandoned, especially considering the last two were on him like white on rice.

    They started off the date by going snorkeling and it seemed that Matt was more intimate with a sea turtle than he was with Chelsea.

    But then day turned to night and they had dinner; Chelsea admitted that she's been distant because she was having a tough time dealing with the fact that he was spending intimate time with 2 other girls.

    Then she agreed to spend the night in the fantasy suite and changed into this sexy dress and became this vamped sex kitten that I always knew she could be. Needless to say, Matt had a hard on like nobody's business.

    Rose Ceremony
    Finally it was time for Matt to send one of the girls packing. Amanda was kicked off the show and boy, she didn't take it well.

    She sat down at a bench with him, and like, couldn't, like, understand why, like, he did this. He explained that he felt closer to the other two although he meant every word he said to her.

    She told him she didn't believe him and said, "You're a complete douchebag for doing this." ABC censored the word douchebag, but last I checked douching was not a dirty thing (pun not intended). Matt was at a loss for words, probably because douchebag is not part of his lexicon. Bullocks.

    Next week, all the girls return to the show for a Q&A period, which will be fun, no doubt, and Shayne and Chelsea get to meet Matt's parents. Stay tuned.
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Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Angelina Jolie Veiny Arms

    Angelina Jolie is virtually perfect; you really can't make any complaints about her looks because she is so incredibly beautiful. And although I tend to think she has really, really long arms and Arsenio Hall hands, that is not what I'm going to mention. Instead, take a look at the protruding veins on this stunner's arm. It's enough to make a junkie salivate.

    Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 28, 2008

Sidney Crosby

    Sidney Crosby Vital Stats
    Birth Name: Sidney Crosby
    Birth Date: August 7, 1987
    Birth Place: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Height: 5’11”
    Romantic Link: Not known

    Sidney Crosby Interesting Facts
    Sidney Crosby counts Patrice Bergeron, whom he met with Team Canada juniors, Eric Neilson, who was his driver when he was with Rimouski, and Jack Johnson, whom he met during his stay at Shattuck St. Mary’s school, as his best friends.

    Sidney Crosby has two favorite golfers: Tiger Woods for his excellence and Sergio Garcia for his cool.

    Sidney Crosby Biography

    Born to parents Troy and Trina Crosby in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on August 7, 1987, it was obvious that Sidney Crosby was destined to become a great hockey player.

    Growing up in the small town of Cole Harbour with his sister Taylor, Sidney began playing hockey in the basement of his home with his father at the very young age of 2½.

    By 3 years old, Sidney put on some ice skates and began playing ice hockey; although he was limited due to his immaturity, it was obvious that he loved the sport.

    Sidney Crosby joins Rimouski Oceanic

    When Sidney turned 7, the sports press got wind of his talent and word was out that Nova Scotia had a potential hockey great on its hands. As he got older, the press was keeping its eye on Sidney, and in 2001, he was featured on Hockey Day in Canada on the CBC network (a major network in Canada).

    In 2002, Sidney’s sophomore year in high school was spent at Shattuck-St. Mary’s prep school in Faribault, Minnesota, where Crosby blew everyone away with his hockey skills as he managed to score 72 goals in only 52 games - a major feat.

    To no one’s surprise, Crosby was selected first overall by the Rimouski Oceanic at the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) on June 9, 2003, further proving that he was destined for greatness.

    Wayne Gretzky praises Crosby

    If that weren’t enough, when Wayne Gretzky, who is arguably one of the best hockey players in the history of the game, was asked if he thought any hockey player would ever break his records, he answered that he believed that Sidney Crosby would.

    During the 2003 season, Crosby was the only player under 18 years of age who was invited to play on the Canadian Junior Hockey Team and on December 23rd, Crosby became the first 16-year-old to score for the World Junior Hockey Championship. His goal-scoring puck can be seen at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

    Continuing his hockey play with Rimouski throughout 2004 and 2005, it was on July 30, 2005, eight days before his 18th birthday, that Crosby was chosen as the first draft pick overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL (National Hockey League).

    Crosby named Rookie of the Month

    That October, Crosby was named the NHL’s Rookie of the Month, and by April 2006, he had become the youngest player in NHL history to score 90 points with a four-point effort.

    So far in the 2006-2007 season, Crosby is showing what the hype is all about by scoring in almost every game he plays and setting up his teammates in some awesome goal-scoring plays.

    In January 2008, Crosby suffered a sprained ankle and missed the next 21 games his team played. He finally returned in March 2008, but then sat out another 7 games because he felt his ankle wasn’t completely healed.

    This is just the beginning for Sidney Crosby; as he continues to hone his play with the NHL, there’s no doubt that his name will be alongside the other greats of hockey.
    Source URL:
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Detoxify Your Body - 8 Tips

    By Tara Fraser

    If you’ve been feeling sluggish, fatigued or like hell lately, it’s possible that taking measures to detoxify your body is all you need to start feeling better about yourself.

    Wile some experts tout juice diets and the like, I believe that you can detoxify your body without starving yourself. As well, detoxifying is about cleansing in a natural way that you can live with. The last thing you want is to detoxify your body and feel murderous throughout the experience.

    Detoxification is about cleansing your insides by stimulating your liver to purge toxins from your body, improve your blood circulation and eliminate these unwanted toxins from your body via your intestines, kidneys and pores.

    So if you are of sound health but feel like your body needs a little kick so that you feel more peppy, here are some simple adjustments you can make to detoxify your body starting now.

    Detoxify your body tip #1
    Avoid certain foods
    There are certain foods that are known to increase the amount of toxins in your body and if you want to detoxify your body, you should avoid them as often as possible.

    These foods include:

    • Red meat

    • Swordfish, shark, marlin (high mercury content)

    • Caffeine

    • Processed foods

    • Hydrogenated fats

    • Refined sugar (all sugars for that matter)

    • Salt

    • Alcohol

    • Sodas

    While I wouldn’t ask you to cut these things out of your life for good, I do recommend that you eat them sparingly.

    Detoxify your body & feel good

    It’s not incredibly difficult to rid your body of impurities, but with today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle, it’s difficult to spend any time on ourselves. But with a little dedication, you can easily repair your insides and feel great from without.

    Detoxify your body tip #2
    Increase fiber intake

    While it might take your body some getting used to at first, increasing your fiber intake is a great way to help your body get rid of unwanted toxins.

    And you don’t need to start eating bowl after bowl of beans; you can start easy with fresh fruits and vegetables, the best of which are grapefruit, oranges, beets, cabbage, artichokes, broccoli, and seaweed. These foods should take up the bulk of your diet.

    Detoxify your body tip #3
    Drink green tea

    Green tea is a wonder drink. Not only is it renowned for its antioxidant properties, it also increases energy. So whenever you get the chance, enjoy it hot or cold and fill up on this miracle drink.

    Detoxify your body tip #4
    Take some herbs

    Milk thistle, burdock, yellow dock, red clover, and dandelion root all work to purify your bloodstream by improving your liver function. You don’t have to take them all, mind you; opt for one and spend a few days on it (consult your doctor before taking any herbs).

    Burdock and yellow dock purify the blood. Dandelion root heals and ailing liver. Red clover is a diuretic that purportedly heals skin issues. Milk thistle cleanses and protects the liver. All these herbs can be found at natural food stores.

    Detoxify your body tip #5
    Drink clean water

    If you’re not already downing 2 liters of water a day, then it’s time you got started. Water is the best body cleanser; although I do not recommend drinking tap water due to the myriad problems we constantly hear about from tainted waters.

    Whether you opt to drink spring water or filtered water, you need to drink at least 2 liters a day, if not more. Don’t drink this amount in one sitting, however; you should be drinking water throughout your day, every day.

    Detoxify your body tip #6
    Get to a sauna

    You can eliminate a whole lot of waste through perspiration. Although getting to a sauna may not be simple, when you want to detoxify your body, make it a point to head to one at least once.

    If possible, after you sweat out the toxins, rinse off with some cold water to close off your pores.

    Detoxify your body tip #7
    Take up yoga

    Okay, you don’t necessarily have to invest your time in a yoga class, although I highly recommend it simply because you will be taught the correct way to breathe. And while you might think that breathing is a simple enough technique, considering we do it to live, most people never pay attention to their breathing and fail to properly oxygenate their bodies.

    Each evening, a few hours before you go to bed, sit on the floor with your legs crossed and your hands resting on your knees. Close your eyes and take a slow, deep inhale to the count of 10, hold it for a second and exhale deep and slowly to the count of 10. Repeat this 10 times every night. This will help the oxygen circulate more thoroughly throughout your body.

    Detoxify your body tip #8

    As aforementioned, sweating is a fantastic way to detoxify your body. Rigorous exercise will also help your body eliminate toxins via your pores and help you to cleanse your system and purify your organs.

    Try to get in about 1 hour of exercise every day. Not only is it good if you want to detoxify your body, it’s also good for your overall health and well-being.Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 25, 2008

Fergie's Sex and the City Song - Labels & Love

Entertainment News - April 24, 2008

    Kelly Clarkson claims that she walks around her house nude, even when strangers are there. Why doesn't that make American Idol news? (CelebNewsWire)

    In case you forgot, Gisele Bundchen is still as hot as ever. (Hollywood Tuna)

    You know your career is over when... Jennifer Lopez plans to co-create and co-executive produce a reality show for TLC that will follow her around as she juggles a professional career and motherhood. (dListed)

    Megan Fox is FHM's Sexiest Woman in the World. Surprise, surprise. The rest of the girls who filled out the top 10 were Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Elisha Cuthbert, Scarlett Johansson, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Hilary Duff, Tricia Helfer, Blake Lively, and Kate Beckinsale.(Gossip Girls)

    Jimmy Fallon will take over Conan O'Brien's spot in late night after Jay Leno retires and Conan takes his spot. Fallon's show will get canceled, believe you me. (Just Jared)Source URL:
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American Idol 7 Recap - April 23, 2008

    And then there were 5.

    While introducing the judges, Ryan Seacrest kissed Paula Abdul on the cheek and then kissed Simon Cowell on the head. Simon was in shock but he shouldn't be, he is, after all, the reason why Ryan is a millionaire and a mainstay Hollywood host.

    So the Idols started off on American Idol 7 with an opening number entitled "All I Ask of You" and it bored me to death. Then we got a recap of what happened the evening before. Blah, blah, blah.

    Ryan then sat down with Andrew Lloyd Webber to ask about the contestants, and I have to admit, this guy is seriously weird, with his hand gestures and constant rambling. Finally, Ryan asked him what he would call the song he would write for Paula and Simon and he gave two:

    Time to Say Goodbye
    How Can I Miss You if You Won't Go Away?


    We returned from commercial to an ad the Idols did for Ford with the song "Tainted Love." It was great.

    George W. Bush and his stepford wife had a message thanking everyone who donated to Idol Gives Back, especially considering his party sank every American dollar into the Iraq war.

    Finally Ryan called out two contestants to go over the results:

    David Cook - You are safe
    David Archuleta - You are safe

    Then we were forced to hear about past Idols who made it big in Broadway, in particular Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken. Big whoop.

    Leona Lewis then made an appearance and sang her big hit, "Bleeding Love," because Simon is backing her and is making sure to cover the entire US and get her name out there.

    Then Ryan called out the remaining contestants:

    Brooke White - You are safe (WTF?!?!?)
    Syehsa Mercado - You are in the bottom 2
    Jason Castro - You are safe
    Carly Smithson - You are in the bottom 2

    Of course, American Idol got smart about it and mde the girls sing before the final result to ensure that they could get the lyrics out.

    Finally we were told who was leaving:

    Carly Smithson was kicked off American Idol 7.

    Stay tuned for next week, when the Top 5 have to perform Neil Diamond songs.
    Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 23, 2008

    Billy Zane has announced his split from wife Kelly Brook. Unfortunately, not many people know who either of them are anymore. (Jossip)

    Nicole Kidman is finally showing - both her baby bump and her age. (dListed)

    Elizabeth Hurley takes some bikini shots for Mango swimwear and gets some major airbrushing treatment. (Celebrity Rumors)

    OJ Simpson wants to be part of Donald Trump's next Celebrity Apprentice. He perfected the art of getting away with murder and then putting it in everyone's face, so chances he might do well in the boardroom. If you piss him off, you know what he'll do so there's a good chance he'll come away a winner. (Just Jared)

    Heidi Klum admits that she slept with Seal the very first night they went out together. (IDLYITW)

    Mark Wahlberg and girlfriend Rhea Durham are expecting their 3rd child this year. (ICYDK)Source URL:
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American Idol 7 Recap - April 22, 2008

    Tonight's American Idol 7 episode featured Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway hits, so as you can imagine, it was quite excruciating, especially because Webber kept criticizing each contestant.

    So here's how it went:

    Syesha Mercado
    Sang: One Rock'n'Roll Too Many from Starlight Express

    Syesha was all kinds of sexy tonight and her performance was stellar, to say the least. She impressed the judges and viewers alike I'm certain. I did otice that she was barefoot and seemed to have unusually large feet. But I digress.

    Jason Castro
    Sang: Memory from Cats

    Wow, was this ever a terrible performance. Jason just is not cut out for Broadway musicals, it's quite obvious. Nevertheless, he gave it the same old Jason Castro touch he does with every single song and I yawned my way through it.

    Brooke White
    Sang: You Must Love Me from Evita

    This girl is starting to get on my last nerve. First off, she had to restart the song because she lost her lyric, then she stumbled through the song and her voice cracked throughout the song. Perhaps it was her way of giving the song her "touch" but it was definitely rough.

    David Archuleta
    Sang: Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera

    Before he sang, Ryan Seacrest allowed a few tweens onstage so that they could give David a hug... how freakin' sweet. Then David broke into song and although it wasn't awful, it was, in the immortal words of Simon Cowell, "forgettable." And tonight, he resembled a Monchichi.

    Carly Smithson
    Sang: Jesus Christ Superstar

    Although Carly was wearing a hideous dress, she sang the hell out of this song and i was a phenomenal performance. The judges loved her and she had a T-shirt that said "Simon Loves Me (this week)" which was quite fitting. I wonder if she had one that said "Simon thinks I suck eggs" handy in case he blasted her.

    David Cook
    Sang: Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera

    They obviously saved the best for last. And David did not disappoint. He didn't give the song his David twist, but he sang the crap out of this song and kept giving the camera his best "I want to take you bed" face. Hey, it worked for me.

    So my predictions for the bottom 3 are:

    Brooke White
    Jason Castro
    Carly Smithson

    And Brooke White will be going home because she was awful.Source URL:
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Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Jessica Alba Acne

    I think that Jessica Alba is truly one of the hottest women in the world. She is sexy and cute all rolled up into one package. But even Jessica suffers a flaw. That's right, celebrity acne. Soon, she'll be doing those Proactiv commercials alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt and Vanessa Williams.

    Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 22, 2008

    Britney Spears is heading back to the set of How I Met Your Mother to reprieve her role as the ditzy secretary. Doogie Howser's going to be upset. (CelebNewsWire)

    Emma Watson turned 18 only last week and she's already giving the world crotch shots. (Hollywood Tuna)

    According to a book, Hiding in Hip-Hop, some of the biggest black entertainers will be outed as gay. Some are guessing that Kanye West, Diddy, Omarion, Ne-Yo, Bow Wow, and Russell Simmons will be outed as enjoying lots of butt love. (Jossip)

    Apparently, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie want to marry the brothers Madden in a double wedding ceremony. The stuff 8-year-old dreams are made of. (dListed)

    Danica Patrick wins her first IndyCar race at the Japan 300 and looks even more beautiful for it. (Celebrity Rumors)

    Jessica Simpson licked birthday cake off Tony Romo's face and it looks both sexy and disgusting at the same time. (ICYDK)Source URL:
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The Bachelor London Calling Recap - April 21, 2008

    And then there were 3.

    Tonight Matt Grant went to each of the 4 women's hometowns on The Bachelor London Calling.

    #1 Shayne
    Matt started off in Los Angeles, where he met Shayne's famous actor dad Lorenzo Lamas first (her parents are divorced). Off the bat, Lorenzo sold her out by telling Matt that she wanted to be on TV, but more than that, she wanted to be a star.

    When Shayne made it clear that she's only there for Matt, Lorenzo back pedalled by saying he was just "testing" her. Mmm, hmm.

    Then there was this moment between father and daughter that truly warranted an Emmy.

    After that, Matt and Shayne were off to her mother's house, Michele Smith is her name, and boy was her mom a sight for a plastic surgeon's eyes. The woman gave Donnatella Versace a run for her money in the looks department. But alas, she was a very sweet woman with a genuine interest in her daughter's life.

    #2 Chelsea
    Next Matt headed off to Durango, Colorado to meet Chelsea's parents, and to be quite honest, nothing of real interest happened. Her dad gave her great advice and she made out with Matt like a champion before he split.

    #3 Noelle
    Matt then hopped on a bus to get to Loveland, Colorado (kidding, he probably took a private jet) to meet Noelle's parents. Again, they were wonderful, down to earth people who told their daughter that she was holding back too much and she should just go for it.

    #4 Amanda
    I was fooled into thinking this was real by the promos for the show, but it turns out that Amanda decided to hire actors to play her parents in order to play a joke on Matt, and boy was it hilarious!

    First, her fake mom kept laughing at the weirdest times, making Matt feel awkward. Then her fake dad started asking if the 2 had been intimate already. And while Matt was outside trying to convince the fake dad that he cared for Amanda, fake mom went out and asked to be alone with him. She starting hitting on him by rubbing his chest and then trying to make out with him, at which point fake dd caught them and started freaking out.

    At this point Amanda told him that he had been punked and he was a great sport about it. Then he met her real, and very normal parents, and the evening turned out to be quite pleasant.

    Finally, it was time for Matt to pick his 3 women:


    Noelle was kicked off and, I have to admit, she had the most elegant exit I have ever seen on the show.

    Next week, the foursome is headed to Barbados so stay tuned.Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 21, 2008

Amy Sedaris

    Amy Sedaris Vital Stats
    Birth Name: Amy Sedaris
    Birth Date: March 29, 1961
    Birth Place: Endicott, New York
    Height: 5’1½”
    Romantic Link: None

    Amy Sedaris Interesting Facts

    When Amy Sedaris is not acting, she runs a cupcake and cheeseball business out of her home in Greenwich Village (Amy's Cupcakes).

    Growing up, Amy Sedaris failed the first grade.

    Amy Sedaris Biography

    Amy Sedaris was born on March 29, 1961, in Endicott, New York to parents Lou and Sharon Sedaris and was raised with her older siblings Lisa, David and Gretchen and younger sister Tiffany and younger brother Paul.

    When Amy was quite young, however, before her youngest brother was even born, the family relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina, because her dad was transferred there by the company he worked for at the time (IBM).

    Sedaris joins Second City Troupe

    Amy grew up idolizing her older brother David Sedaris and wanted to emulate her own life after his, so when she graduated from Jesse O. Sanderson High School in 1980, it didn’t take long before her brother managed to lure her away from Raleigh and to Chicago.

    With David’s help, Amy found herself enjoying comedy immensely and before she knew it, she had joined comedy’s Second City Troupe and became a mainstay on their stage.

    While she performed there regularly, Amy did stints alongside Tim Meadows, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Paul Dinello, among others. She and her brother eventually developed their own regular piece of sketch comedy called “Talent Family,” which was quite popular among audiences.

    Sedaris in Strangers With Candy

    By the time the ‘90s rolled around, Amy found herself walking away from Chicago and heading toward New York, where she created her first TV show called Exit 57 with colleagues Colbert, Dinello and Mitch Rouse.

    The show lasted for two seasons on Comedy Central and by 1997, Amy took a step onto the big screen, when she starred as a scholar on the film Commandments.

    In 1998, Amy once again teamed up with the boys and created Strangers With Candy, another Comedy Central show that ended up with a cult following and garnered Amy tons of attention in her starring role as Geraldine “Jerri” Blank, an ex-con and ex-junkie.

    Amy Sedaris writes Wigfield

    Throughout her rising fame, though, Amy continued to work as a waitress between writing and starring on the show, and continuing to do a semi-annual Talent Family show alongside her brother.

    Amy continued to get bit parts in movies like Six Days Seven Nights (1998), Jump Tomorrow (2001), Maid in Manhattan (2002), The School of Rock, Elf (both in 2003), Neurotica, and My Baby’s Daddy (both in 2004),

    In between her movie roles in 2003, Amy also had some time to put together a book called Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not with Dinello and Colbert. The trio turned the book into a play that same year, to much critical acclaim.

    Sedaris in Dedication

    By 2004, Entertainment Weekly placed Amy and her brother at No. 8 on the list of the 25 Funniest People in America.

    Amy kept busy throughout 2005 starring in Bewitched, Stay, Chicken Little (as Foxy Loxy), and I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With.

    In 2006, Amy brought her Jerri Blank character to the big screen in the Strangers With Candy: The Movie, although the movie may only be seen in a limited amount of theaters. But she can be seen in three other movies: Dedication, Snow Angels and Full Grown Men.

    And in August 2006, Amy’s book, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, was available on bookstore shelves, and received stellar reviews from Publishers Weekly.

    In October 2006, Amy guest-starred on NBC’s My Name Is Earl, and was featured in Dolly Parton’s 2007 video for “Better Get to Livin’.”

    Amy Sedaris bakes cheeseballs

    Currently, Amy lives with her pet rabbit Dusty in her Greenwich Village apartment, and when she’s not busy writing or starring in a film, play or short, or making audio versions of her brother’s books, you can find Amy baking cheeseballs and cupcakes, and living happily single.

    IMDb - Amy Sedaris
    Source URL:
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4 Biceps Exercises For Women

    By Serena Daniels

    Well-toned arms gives women the confidence to wear sleeveless tops and show them off; and by performing the right biceps exercises regularly, you will continue wearing slinky tops well into winter.

    The biceps are the major muscles that allow for forearm and elbow flexibility. The biceps are broken down into two parts: biceps brachii and brachialis. The former is the muscle located in the upper arm (when you flex, this is the muscle you see). The latter muscle is much smaller and helps with elbow flexion.

    If you want to develop your biceps and that bump that makes them look sleek and sexy, here are the biceps exercises you should be performing.

    Keep in mind that in order to see a significant change in your muscles, you should perform the following exercises at least once a week. Once you get the hang of them (about 6 weeks in), you should switch up the exercises, tempo, or increase weight in order to keep making gains.

    Biceps exercises #1
    Concentration curls

    Sit on a bench and pick up a dumbbell. Open your legs and place the back of your upper left arm against your inner left thigh, with your elbow up against your inner knee. Lean into your leg, keep your back straight and raise the dumbbell slowly until your palm is facing your shoulder.

    Slowly lower the dumbbell until your arm is fully extended, but do not stiffen your elbow. Repeat and complete the set before switching arms.

    Sets: 3
    Repetitions: 8 to 10

    Biceps exercises #2
    Preacher curls
    Perform this exercise with one hand at a time. Hold the dumbbell, palm facing up. Sit on a preacher bench and place your arm over it so that your armpit rests near the top of pad (adjust the seat if you need to).

    At no point should you stiffen your elbow. Starting with your arm straight, lift the dumbbell until your forearm is vertical to the floor, making sure to keep your upper arm and elbow firmly against the pad the entire time. Slowly lower the dumbbell to the starting position and repeat. Complete the set with one arm before moving onto the other.

    Sets: 3
    Repetitions: 8 to 10

    Biceps exercises #3
    Dumbbell curls

    Keeping your elbows tucked firmly by your sides, curl the dumbbells upwards, toward your chest until your forearms are straight up and the palms of your hands are facing your shoulders. Slowly lower yourself to the starting position and repeat.

    Sets: 3
    Repetitions: 6 to 8

    Biceps exercises #4
    Cable curls

    At the cable station in the gym, place a straight bar on the low pulley, adjust the weight to what you’re comfortable (but not too comfortable) doing, and bring the pulley up to your thighs, holding it with your palms facing out. This is your starting position.

    Keeping your back straight and your knees bent slightly, elbows against your sides at all times, bring the straight bar up to your chest without touching and slowly lower it back to the starting position. Repeat.

    Sets: 3
    Repetitions: 10 to 12

    Perfect biceps exercises

    Any time you work your biceps, it’s important to ensure proper stance, otherwise you’ll be calling too many synergist muscles into play and won’t be blasting your biceps into shape. As a result, it will take longer to see any changes.

    But done correctly, you should begin to see some toning within 3 to 6 weeks of training. Add to that some rigorous cardio 3 days a week, as well as a healthy diet filled with protein, complex carbs and essential fats, and you’ll be showing off your awesome arms in no time.Source URL:
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Priscilla Presley Disses Kelly Ripa

    I love Kelly Ripa and look forward to seeing her on Regis & Kelly in the morning. On April 17, 2008, Priscilla Presley was a guest on the show because she had been kicked off Dancing With the Stars that week.

    During the interview, Kelly interrupts Regis to ask Priscilla a question (as they always do with each other) and Priscilla said, "Sorry Regis I didn't hear you because Kelly butted in."

    Needless to say, Kelly made a weirded out face and, the classy lady that she is, just sat there for the rest of the interview with a smile on her face and said nothing more.

    Priscilla and her botched plastic surgery, zombie face are no longer welcome here.Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 18, 2008

    No one seems to give a rat's ass that Ashlee Simpson is engaged to Pete Wentz so they decided to start a rumor that she's pregnant. No one knows if it's true, but her dad, Joe Simpson, is trying to sell pics of the unborn baby for $1 million. But tabs will only offer $60 k. (Jossip)

    Brigitte Bardot talked smack about Muslims and now a Paris prosecutor wants to hunt her down for it. (IDLYITW)

    Will Smith launched a free music website called on April 16, 2008. (ICYDK)

    Check out what all the ladies were wearing at US Weekly's Hot Hollywood Party 2008. (I'm Not Obsessed)

    Gwyneth Paltrow admits that she suffered from post-partum depression after having her second child Moses. I wonder what Tom Cruise has to say about that. (Handbag)Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 17, 2008

    Michelle Rodriguez won't admit or deny that she has sex with women. Or dogs. (CelebNewsWire)

    Kim Kardashian's lingerie pictures in Ralph magazine are pretty nice to look at. We're guessing Michelle Rodriguez would like them. (Egotastic)

    Jenna Jameson used to be a porn star that looked pretty good, but she developed some kind of dysmorphia and now looks like she's been abused by plastic surgeons. (Hollywood Tuna)

    Turns out Akon is the black version of Vanilla Ice and his whole "I was in jail for 4.5 years for a car theft ring and wrote songs in jail" was just a bunch of crap. He did go to jail for a couple of petty crimes, but he never face 75 years in jail like he said in one interview. Lahoo-zaher. (Jossip

    But seriously, a plastic surgeon is putting out a children's book that explains to kids why their mommy has a new pair of breasts, a tighter face and why she always looks like she's staring intently at everything. Only in America baby! (dListed)

    In stupid news of the day, Miley Cyrus, who is all of 15, is about to pen her autobiography. But then the tweeners will eat it up. (Just Jared)

    Rumors abound that Katie Holmes wants to accept a Broadway role and move to Manhattan with daughter Suri and force a separation from Tom Cruise, but her contracts isn't up for another 2 years. (IDLYITW)Source URL:
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American Idol 7 Recap - April 16, 2008

    And then there were 6.

    Tonight's episode really pissed me off because Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the gang played with the public's head regarding the bottom 3 until about 10 minutes before it all ended. Idiots.

    So to start, the gang sang "One Sweet Day," which was nice.

    Then there was a recap of the evening before.

    Then Ryan began calling out the contestants:

    Jason Castro - Please stand to the left of me
    David Cook - Please stand to the right of me
    Carly Smithson - Please stand to the left of me
    Kristy Lee Cook - Please stand to the right of me

    Upon returning from commercial, we saw the gang perform in another cool Ford commercial in which they sang "I Want to Break Free."

    Elliot Yamin took to the stage to perform one of his songs called "Free," and at the end of his performance, he opened his hand to reveal the message "We miss you mom." She passed away recently and it was touching. He looked really different with new white teeth, a mop of hair and a beard to boot.

    Then Ryan called out more contestants:

    Syesha Mercado - Please stand to the left of me
    Brooke White - Please stand to the right of me

    Then we went to commercial again and returned to take some phone calls that were crusty as hell. By the way, David Cook is single.

    Mariah Carey then showed up looking hot to sing "Bye Bye," but when I saw her diamond-encrusted mic and stand, I was disgusted.

    Finally the last contestant was called out:

    David Archuleta - You are safe.

    Then David Cook and Syesha Mercado were told to switch sides. So one side had David Cook, Jason Castro and Carly Smithson. The other side had Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado and Brooke White.

    Ryan asked David Archuleta to go and stand next to the group he thought was safe. By the way, David Archuleta was wearing the Michael Jackson/Thriller jacket for some reason.

    David Archuleta refused to pick sides and just sat on the stage with his legs crossed. So Ryan told him that if he wanted to pick the right side, he'd have to head towards the David Cook, Jason Castro, Carly Smithson side.

    So the bottom 3 were:

    Syesha Mercado
    Brooke White
    Kristy Lee Cook

    Then Syesha was told she was safe for another week. So who got the boot?

    Kristy Lee Cook was kicked off American Idol 7 tonight. Some of you may think it was a long time coming, but I thought she was improving with every week.

    Anyhow, til next week.Source URL:
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Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Sophie Monk Cellulite

    She is the most recent reason that men take their Stuff and Maxim magazine to the washroom, but even Sophie Monk has been plagued with cellulite. Of course, it doesn't help that she lives on coffee and cigarettes. But then, even the healthiest of us can't stop the cottage cheese curse.

    Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 16, 2008

Latest Long Hairstyle For Women

Summer Hairstyle Trends For Women

    Wow! It's summer once again! Women do love summer!
    Perfect time to hit the beach and bathe in the sun. It's change of season that fits well with change of hairstyle or having a short haircut. Form and function are what makes short haircuts perfect for the summer season. Check out these haircuts to see what looks good on you.

    Stylish Short fringe Haircuts For Summer
    summer Short HaircutsStylish Short layered Haircuts For Summer
    summer Short HairstylesSummer Short updo Haircuts
    summer Short Hairstyles
    Summer Short Haircuts
    Stylish Short Haircuts For Summer SeasonStylish Short bangs Haircuts For Summer Season
    Stylish Short bangs Haircuts For Summer SeasonSummer Short crop Haircuts
    Short Haircuts for summerSource URL:
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American Idol 7 Recap - April 15, 2008

    Tonight's American Idol 7 was Mariah Carey night and I was surprised to see that she was quasi-normal. Not the typical toy dog carrying, sunglass wearing diva she portrays herself to be. She did look like she got herself a brand new pair of puppies though.

    And so the evening was filled with familiar songs and Simon Cowell was right: the men definitely blew the women out of the water tonight.

    So let's get to it:

    David Archuleta
    Sang: Miracle

    Even though this boy gives me the freakin' creeps, it's true that he did a stellar job opening up the show. But still, the lip licking and constant verge on tears behavior has got to stop.

    Carly Smithson
    Sang: Without You

    Although it wasn't incredibly memorable, Carly did a decent job with the song, although the judges simply were not impressed with her performance. She looked awful tonight; like someone's mom who went to a club filled with young people.

    Syesha Mercado
    I thought Syesha did a fantastic job even though she's no where near Mariah Carey status. She gave it her all and sang the song well, but unfortunately, I think she has likely sung her last song.

    Brooke White
    Sang: Hero

    You could tell that Brooke felt completely out of her element tonight and she proved it by rushing through the song and making herself look bad. The song suited her style, no doubt, but after she stumbled through the end of the song, voters will certainly take note and leave her at the bottom of the pile.

    Kristy Lee Cook
    Sang: Forever

    Although I thought Kristy should've been voted off the show early on, she seems to be picking up the ball lately and doing a better job with her songs than usual. She picked the right song, sang it the right way and looked as gorgeous as always. Although I do think that the wardrobe person stuck the girls in some kind of '70s rut with those nasty ass outfits.

    David Cook
    Sang: Always Be My Baby

    The best freakin' performance by a mile, David gave Mariah's song a hint of rock and roll and blew everyone away. Even Simon was singing his praises. Oh man, this guy is going to sign a record deal the moment this show ends.

    Jason Castro
    Sang: I Don't Wanna Cry

    At first, Jason's voice was so low that I could barely hear him singing, but then he stepped it up a notch and sang his heart out. He reminded me a bit of Damien Rice tonight and I was happy he closed off the evening on such a good note.

    My prediction for the bottom 3 tomorrow night are:

    Syesha Mercado
    Carly Smithson
    Kristy Lee Cook

    Come back tomorrow; I'll let you know what happens.

    Source URL:
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Entertainment News - April 15, 2008 is a blog that steals articles from other blogs and posts them up as their own. She stole my Top 25 Sexiest Men in the World 2008 article and made sure to paste it on her blog, on and on Please keep rotten people like this from succeeding off the backs of others.

    Britney Spears caused a 3-car pile up becuase she was putting on her makeup while driving. (CelebNewsWire)

    Dr. Phil is about to get canceled because he stepped out of trying to help people and starting focusing solely on ratings, and that's something Jerry Springer or Maury Povich at least fess up to. MacGraw tries to hide behind his "morals." (Jossip)

    Seriously, Nicole Kidman is 6 months pregnant and you would never know it (PIC). (dListed)

    Victoria Beckham's line of clothing, dVb, has been pulled from store shelves because it's just not selling. (Celebrity Rumors)

    Jennifer Lopez is already looking great post-babies. (Just Jared)

    Alicia Keys talks nonsense to Blender magazine and ends up making a fool of herself. (IDLYITW)

    Richie Sambora will be charged with child endangerment because he was driving drunk with his daughter and her friend in the car when he was stopped by police. (ICYDK)Source URL:
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The Bachelor London Calling Recap - April 14, 2008

    And then there were 4. Tonight's episode of The Bachelor London Calling wasn't anything monumental, but it was good nonetheless.

    To start, all the girls were flown to Sun Valley, Idaho for some skiing and apres ski with Matt Grant. Upon meeting up with him, all the girls started a snow fight with Matt, who was more than happy to make each and every one of them eat it.

    His one on one date was with Chelsea, the sexy girl who happens to be a tomboy. She seemed too much like a friend to Matt rather than a sexy girl, and to top it off, she told him that she hated PDA, especially holding hands in public. It seemed to turn him off, but then they went back to his room and I think she changed his mind with her sucking abilities. By kissing, of course.

    The group date included Robin, Marshana, Shayne, and Amanda, and while both Marshana and Amanda had never skiied before, Amanda took to it pretty easily. Marshana, however, sucked.

    Shayne was the most alluring of all of them, and while she was spending time lying in the snow with Matt, demon girl Robin showed up and took over, pissing Shayne, as well as Matt, off.

    The last one on one date was with Noelle, the girl who looks like Alyson Hannigan. She seemed aloof and shy the whole time, but after they finished skating, which they both sucked at, by the way, they went back to his room and talked and made out like animals.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Marshana started talking her stupid nonsense and Robin started arguing with her. Just then, Chelsea popped in with how negative Marshana always was, and Marshana lost her shizz. She started yelling and waving her arms in the air like a psycho. Chelsea walked away but Marshana followed her and kept on arguing like an idiot.

    During the pre-rose ceremony, Marshana spent her alone time with Matt going off abotu Chelsea, which is quite stupid. You'd think these girls would learn a thing or two from watching past shows, but no, they stay just as stupid as the first time.

    Just before we went to commercial, Chris Harrison, the host, says his usual, "It's the most dramatic rose ceremony yet." So I was expecting to see shoes flying across the room, a mental breakdown or two, you know, typical meltdowns.

    Then, it was time for the rose ceremony. Matt chose:


    Which meant that Marshana and Robin were sent home. Robin?!?! I thought she was going to go apesh*t, but she just said "bon soir" (I'm guessing to show how worldly she is) and then broke down in front of the camera.

    Marshana kept talking about how awesome she was and tripped on her way out.

    It was an entertaining evening.Source URL:
    Visit The Soap Box for Daily Updated Hairstyles Collection 1st Annual 25 Sexiest Men In the World 2008

    Welcome to’s 1st Annual 25 Sexiest Men in the World.

    So, what exactly makes a man sexy? Well, you can pinpoint the obvious: great body, great face, a touch of raw sexuality, and a whole lot of swagger.

    But there’s also that certain something you can’t pinpoint, but you know that when you’re in their presence, you can easily imagine them ravishing you, tearing off your clothes to get to your flesh and finally giving you an orgasm with something as simple as a kiss.

    I’m already hot and bothered so let’s get started, shall we?

    Sexiest men in the world #25
    Adam Levine

    The frontman for Maroon 5, it’s true that Adam Levine isn’t your typical buff celebrity, but if you have ever seen him in one of his music videos, like “This Love” or “She Will Be Loved,” you’d know that this man oozes sex from every pore. It doesn’t hurt that he has the greatest eyes, either.

    Sexiest men in the world #24
    Ryan Reynolds

    When it comes to his movie choices, Ryan Reynolds really doesn’t know his pecs from his abs, and the same could be said for his choices in women, but this boy has a body women could love for months, if not years. His face has an understated sexiness and his sense of humor makes it all the more obvious that he can make you laugh and orgasm… perhaps simultaneously.

    Sexiest men in the world #23
    Clive Owen

    With a voice that can magically get women to remove their underwear, Clive Owen simply has to look at you with those beautiful eyes and that 5 o’clock shadow, and you know that he can take you to bed and make you want to stay there with him all week. He has a face that’s easy to love and an attitude that most of us lust after.

    Sexiest men in the world #22
    Milo Ventimiglia

    Oh, my, God. From the moment I spotted Milo Ventimiglia in Heroes, I knew he had something special to offer me. He knew it too, so he started working out and returned for season 2 looking all kinds of buff and sexy. I guess finding out that women adore you will provide you with the incentive you need to develop a 6-pack.

    Sexiest men in the world #21
    Olivier Martinez

    Yes, yes, yes! When Olivier Martinez was introduced to the US via Unfaithful with Diane Lane, you knew that women all over North America would be fantasizing about him. The lover he portrays in the film shows the potential lover he could be in reality if you just gave him the chance to sniff up your skirt. Very sexy indeed, n’est-ce pas?

    Sexiest men in the world #20
    Lenny Kravitz

    He can sing, he can dance, he can talk, and damn can he be sexy. Lenny Kravitz may have some serious issues with monogamy, but I’m not here to play judge and jury, I’m here to point out what makes this dude sexy. Whether he sports his dreads or that puffy afro, Lenny Kravitz can have any woman he wants whenever he wants. And I don’t think any of us would object.

    Sexiest men in the world #19
    Prince Harry

    Okay, perhaps redheads aren’t your cup of tea. I have to admit, when he was growing up, I thought he was going to turn out to be pretty ugly. But it seems that this man has not only become hotter than his brother William (who seems a tad effeminate if you ask me), he also seems to be quite a sexual being. And I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t want to sleep with a Prince who knows what he’s doing in the sack.

    Sexiest men in the world #18
    Justin Timberlake

    He brought “SexyBack” and it’s no joke. Justin Timberlake was sexy from his days with ‘N Sync, we just weren’t allowed to say so because he was 14. Now that he’s a man, we have full license to fantasize and love him in all the ways that we can dream up. If dancing tells you anything about a man, it’s obvious that Justin knows a position or two in the sack.

    Sexiest men in the world #17
    Eddie Cibrian

    He can’t seem to land a TV role that places him in McDreamy status, but Eddie Cibrian is a gorgeous man who would make a phenomenal lover. He has a great body, a great face and dimples that we can stare at and kiss all day long. You can tell he works hard on his fitness and I wouldn’t mind being the weight he has to lift or the bench he needs to lie on.

    Sexiest men in the world #16
    James McAvoy

    Although my first encounter with James McAvoy was in The Chronicles of Narnia, he quickly proved himself a worthy lover with roles in The Last King of Scotland and Atonement. He has an understated sex appeal and he looks like the kind of man who’d be up for anything in bed. And that’s a terrific way to love.

    Sexiest men in the world #15
    Gerard Butler

    I’ll admit that I barely knew Gerard Butler before 300, but you can bet that I never forgot him afterwards. Not only is he all kinds of sexy, he’s also funny, easy on the eyes and ridiculously intelligent. And he can play rough and tough, or loving and kind, and we still want him for it. Not to mention, he doesn’t mind being lusted after for his body. And booty.

    Sexiest men in the world #14
    Brad Pitt

    Even though he’s well into his 40s, Brad Pitt still looks as fit and sexy as ever. And there’s no doubt he can sizzle it up between the sheets. With that great voice and sexy smile, he could probably get you to do anything he wanted in bed. Or on the kitchen counter. Brad Pitt will always be the apple of our fantasies.

    Sexiest men in the world #13
    David Gandy

    You may not have heard his name very often, but you have definitely seen David Gandy's package in a Dolce & Gabbana or Calvin Klein ad. He looks like the kind of man who can sex you well into Sunday and beyond. And what woman wouldn’t want to be romanced by this stunning creature of a man?

    Sexiest men in the world #12
    Eric Bana
    He has eyes that can pierce right through you and a body that will have you wishing he would. Eric Bana has played everyone from King Henry VIII to the Hulk, and all the while women worldwide keep falling head over heels for him. And no wonder, add that accent of his to his utter sex appeal and you have yourself one of the ultimate sex symbols.

    Sexiest men in the world #11
    Christian Bale

    Although he didn’t play a normal everyday man in American Psycho, it was evident that Christian Bale had sex appeal written all over him. Another Englishman who has the walk, talk and body that most women would love to covet, it’s easy to understand why he is one of the sexiest men in the world, and then some.

    Sexiest men in the world #10
    Ryan Phillippe

    Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, where have you been all my life? It seems like Ryan Phillippe likes to downplay his sex appeal in movies, but we can all tell that it’s part of his being. Ryan is a sex machine and we all want a ride. He’s a great actor, of course, but I’m certain he’s an even better lover.

    Sexiest men in the world #9
    Julian McMahon

    I remember when Julian played Ian on Another World… I thought he was gorgeous then as well. Now, as the sex-crazed Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck, I simply can’t get enough. He is so sexy and penetrating with those eyes that it’s a wonder he has no stalkers. There’s nothing most women wouldn’t do to get him into their beds. And into other places as well.

    Sexiest men in the world #8
    Tyson Beckford

    Male model extraordinaire, Tyson Beckford is welcome to take me any which way he wants any time he feels like it, and I’m sure you feel the same. With those thick juicy lips, that chocolate skin and muscles that confirm that he can wrap our legs around his waist while he does his thing standing up definitely make this luscious man one of the absolute sexiest in the world. And then some.

    Sexiest men in the world #7
    Tyler Christopher

    If you don’t watch General Hospital then you probably haven’t seen much of Tyler Christopher, but that doesn’t have to keep you from imagining him taking you into his arms while he makes wild love to you all afternoon. Eva Longoria’s ex-husband is tall, dark and handsome, and easily fits into any fantasy you might have. So enjoy.

    Sexiest men in the world #6
    Patrick Dempsey

    He was a skinny, awkward boy who grew up to become one of the sexiest men in the world. All it took was 20 odd years. Now Patrick Dempsey, better known as McDreamy, certainly has his fair share of admirers, and all it took was one glimpse of him having passionate sex on Grey’s Anatomy. Not to mention his romantic comedy Made of Honor.

    Sexiest men in the world #5
    Johnny Depp
    Even though he’s about to marry his long-time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, it’s impossible not to fall in complete lust with Johnny Depp. He hasn’t aged since 21 Jump Street and he has the wit and sexiness it takes to keep a woman wanting his body for life. Sexy with a bit of grunge to him, Johnny is one of those men you would happily strip for before ravishing him.

    Sexiest men in the world #4
    David Beckham

    While I strongly believe that David Beckham should be seen and not heard, it still doesn’t stop him from making it onto LadyThrills’ list of Sexiest Men in the World. He has this look that tells you that his body is dripping with sex and, if you’re ready to go all night, he’s willing to show you how easily he can satisfy your every need. It’s all good.

    Sexiest men in the world #3
    Jake Gyllenhaal
    Ah, Jake Gyllenhaal; the man who has lived in my fantasies since the moment I laid eyes on him in The Day After Tomorrow. Not only does he seem like the kind of man you could really fall in love with, he also has this look about him like he’s made to have sex… and often. With me.

    Sexiest men in the world #2
    Gabriel Aubry

    Born in Montreal, you know that Gabriel Aubry has a French tongue that he can easily use to seduce you into oblivion. Add to that the fact that he is so incredibly sexy and you have got yourself a male model that any woman on earth would give up all her shoes for. He’s one of those men we can only dream of finding in our bed.

    Sexiest men in the world #1
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    If you have never watched soccer (or football, as they refer to it everywhere else in the world), I’m certain you have still heard of Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Although he is not perfect looking by any means, one has to admit that this man was born to be fantasized about. His face has sex written all over it and his body just seduces women into idol worship. There’s no doubt that, at only 23 years old, Cristiano is 2008’s Sexiest Man in the World. Be sure to check him out during this year’s Euro Cup.

    I know what you're thinking; Where the hell is George Clooney?!? Well, while I agree that George is a nice looking man with wit and charm, he simply does not strike us as a sexy, raw lover. But then, we may be wrong. Who else did you think was missing from this list? Let us know. Til next year!Source URL:
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