No matter where she was (or how she felt), my grandmother Jean would arrive immaculately coiffed and elegantly attired (no jeans, ever) --and at 5 p.m., ready for a cocktail "dahling." I think she would have enjoyed this glimpse at how women with far more funds (but the same classic sense of style) put together their summer wardrobes. I think I'll enjoy it too ... it's on my Wishlist, awaiting publication in September.

    READ: Resort Fashion: Style In Sun-Drenched Climates by Caroline Rennolds Milbank. Coming in September.Source URL:
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    Ice cubes clinking. Drinks poured. A soft breeze wafting across the bay. Sinatra on the stereo. Talk about timeless summer style.

    LISTEN: Nothing But The Best does a pretty good job of compiling my favorite Sinatra tunes. But nothing beats these albums: Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back, Strangers In The Night and Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim--all inexplicably out of print according to If you find 'em somewhere, grab 'em.Source URL:
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Celebrity Flaw - Madonna Veiny Arms

Hotline -- Live or Die, how do you say?

    Next week decisive for future of Lacroix
    By Dominique Schroeder (AFP) – 11 hours ago

    PARIS — Next week will be decisive for the future of the Christian Lacroix fashion house, in administration since early June, as the deadline for potential buyers to submit their offers expires on Monday.

    The court-appointed administrator Regis Valliot has received several expressions of interest in the label, including one from the consultancy group Bernard Krief Consulting (BKC), his office said.

    Aside from BKC, two other potential buyers have shown an interest, "one of them a supplier," Guillaume Martin from the consultants Meric et Associes appointed by the Christian Lacroix works committee told AFP.

    Created in 1987 with the backing of the global luxury leader LVMH, which sold the house to the US duty free giant Falic in 2005, the house of Lacroix made a loss of 10 million euros (14 million dollars) last year on sales of 30 million euros.

    Under the company restructuring plan, 112 of its 125 employees will lose their jobs.

    The works committee is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday afternoon.

    At its last meeting on Wednesday, it heard the conclusions of the Meric consultancy group.

    The experts recommended an upmarket ready-to-wear line instead of the existing luxury one to run alongside the house's haute couture. Collections should be timeless, less identifiable with any particular season, and distribution refocused on a limited number of markets.

    "Haute couture loses money, it is the brand's advertising budget," Martin explained. "Unless you have products with a sound commercial success behind it, you will never absorb the cost and turn a profit on your creative investment."

    He said costs at Lacroix had "run out of control" and needed to be cut "quite drastically" to bring down losses. In this scenario it would make sense to create an upmarket line.

    The house should "not go off in all directions" but recapitalise on its strengths and the position it already holds in certain markets, he said.

    He said the house could also appeal to the government for help given its contribution to France's cultural legacy and expressed surprise and disappointment that no other big luxury group, like LVMH's arch rival PPR which owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, or Hermes, had not shown any interest in taking over Lacroix.

    The designer himself lunched on Friday with Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand but nothing has leaked on what they discussed.

    Mitterrand in early July expressed willingness to help find a solution for the couture house, saying its disappearance would be "a cultural disaster."

    A member of the works committee said the employees were "rather fatalistic" about the situation.

    "They aren't going to mobilise, that's not the way they do things," at Lacroix, which is not unionised, he explained. He added that they had "gained a month" because the redundancy letters should have gone out at the end of July.

    "Now they will wait to receive their letters when they get back from their holidays, to tell them they haven't got a job to come back to."

    Copyright © 2009 AFP. All rights reserved.

    From: Google

    I don't know if it means House of CL could still survive this time, but hope so.

    I'm working on another article of the fw09 trend. Live get busier now, wish I could get it uploaded next week.Source URL:
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Curly Asian Hairstyle

Daily Wear Collection of The Year


    A good portion of my summer "sundresses" are actually bathing suit cover-ups. For some reason they fit me better, plus they often cost less than a "real" dress. If a piece is too sheer or too short I layer a long tank or cropped leggings underneath. Then I throw a bikini and a magazine in my totebag so that after running errands on a sultry summer day I can stop off at our gym's outdoor pool for a quick dip and relaxing read beneath the city skyline.

    (Note: I'd wear that Becca cover-up in a heartbeat, but the white bikini I'd leave for my niece Kelly as she would actually look good in it.)

    DRESS: Errands & A Dip in the PoolSource URL:
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2009 Asian Hairstyles for Boys

    Asian Hairstyles mostly get inspiration from anime cartoons. Characterized by a fine straight hair that has angled or layered cuts, spiky, or with shades of vibrant colors. Check out these Asian haircuts below to help you find what fits your style.

    2009 Asian Hairstyles For Men Asian Hairstyles For Boys 2008 Winter Asian Hairstyles For Men Asian Hairstyles For Boys 2009 Asian Short Hairstyles For Men Asian Hairstyles For Boys 2009 Punk Asian Hairstyles For Men Asian Hairstyles For Boys 2009 Short Asian Hairstyles For Boys Asian Hairstyles For Boys 2009 Asian Emo Hairstyles For Boys Asian Hairstyles For Boys Source URL:
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Skye Stracke--Scarlett by Cacharel


    Carolyne Roehm was once a fashion designer and her impeccable taste and masterful color sense shine through in all her books. This "notebook," one of a seasonal quartet, celebrates stylish outdoor living from potager to party, with a lay-flat spiral binding and space for your own notes, grids to plan your garden and sleeves to store photos, receipts and clippings--all accompanied with lush, vivid, impossibly-perfect photos to inspire you (or just make you drool).

    READ: Carolyne Roehm's Summer Notebook. To peruse Roehm's entire book selection visit carolyneroehm.comSource URL:
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Andy Lau Short Hairstyles

    Asian male celebrity Andy Lau cool short haircutsAsian male celebrity Andy Lau cool short haircutsAndy Lau Tak-Wah MH, JP (born September 27, 1961) is a Hong Kong Cantopop star, movie actor and producer. He has been one of Hong Kong's most commercially successful film actors since the 1990s.
    Cool mens short haircuts
    Cool mens short haircuts - think Andy Lau is one of the best role models in Asian entertainment world. I don’t think Andy is a talented artist, but he works hard all these years to become a good one.

    Andy’s hardworking and professionalism has always been praised by the press, and he is always polite and well mannered in public appearance, while keeping a healthy lifestyle

    Fashion mens short haircuts

    Fashion mens short haircuts- mens short haircuts
    Fashion mens short haircuts
    Andy Lau cool short haircuts
    Andy Lau cool short haircuts
    Source URL:
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Mix & Match in FW 09

    Unlike SS 09, AH 09 is rounded with the joy of 80s and the strength of power rock.
    Marc Jocobs and Balmain are the stars of these two styles.
    I wanna starts from Marc Jacobs' part. Balmain's part will be in next post, wait then.

    Spotted: Neon lights, Oversized jacket& Capes, skinny jeans, peg leg pants(jumpsuits), pattern, accesories

    Here are the spotlight of the trend "points".

    Neon lights

    Especially this season, the fade of 70s bohemian turn to be the 80s' Disco style
    , the joy grows higher than the past few years. With this cheer from fashion world, it seems we have the great arms to defend the financial crisis.

    points: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott(always!), Jean Paul Gautier

    Marc's coat this season got the glamour of 80s, great spotlight of the whole style
    with this, you could only got your skinny jeans on, bringin' on your Balenciaga Giant clutch.

    This is very good one for beginner to start their Disco journey
    catch up the AH08 and SS09 's laced cloths, the AH09 capes and SS10's structure cutting

    The lookalike laced things still pop, you could find out some laced gloves or stockings. If they are from Christian Lacroix, that's better...
    The Marc Jacobs coat with some lace pattern.

    Jeremy Scott is famous for his american humor. I really adore his collections, but it's not my daily wear type. I'm not sure if he got the idea of the AH09 collection from Mickey mouse, but it's cool.

    I'm afraid if you got his collection dressed, it might make you look very old.
    The colors he chose needs to be match carefully, black and white are always the best friends for you.

    I'm really doubt if button things would be a trend in SS10, whatever, it's a nice try for you to outshine others.

    Actually, I don't wear fur things. But JPG made the fur so glamour this season. Simple and powerful. Represent the upper east women in 80s as I think.

    Why I put Jean Paul Gautier to this part? He really got me overwhelmed with the shodowing stockings, unlike Chanel, it's very sexy and independent(I don't know why, but I do feel so.)
    The purple shodowing stockings really got the point of 80s glamour.

    I wish I could buy one :p

    photo sources:
    Fashion Windows

    Oversized jacket& Capes

    Oversized jacket has become a trend since last autume. This season jackets are turned into more ladylike. Unlike the dandylook. We emphasis the V cutting in the front sight. Using some satin fabric makes the jacket more feminine.

    If you don't want to take your jacket too much feminine, then try on some special cutting like structure. It's might not easy to match, the tips for matching a strutural jacket is to keep parts simple. A printed tee and a peg leg pants/ skinny jeans could always handle the situation. Remember to wear your high-to-kill heels, it keeps yourself look slender as always.

    Capes brings up a new trend this season. It's very easy to use capes to build your own style with different types of capes.

    points: Prada, Dries Van Noten, Marc Jacobs and Dolce& Gabbana

    Prada's new collection is not my type( the ss09 collection really shocks me!) I renamed the collection as the blue collar collection, reminding me of the hardworking labors. But I think the music in the show is pretty cool, you can find it in the fashion spot.

    The reason that I put Prada into the 80s Disco part is to seperate the whole matching types of these brands, Prada could make the 80s' dresses a little bit more mature. It's could decrease the light colour part, if you don't wanna make yourself too cocky or like a star. Prada's coat could be your best choise to put on.

    In fact, once I wanna put this red coat into the RED part. So many red cloths exsist this season. If you wear on this coat ,please don't keeps the buttons fastened. It might make your booty bigger! That's awful.

    Dries Van Noten's colour choosing is really way out of my mind this season, so bright to be true. It's almost like crayon colors. I suggest to put on your pumpkin pants , tartan pants or leather leggings rather than wearing the pants in the collection.

    This kind of garlic yellow is also a trendy color in this season. If you got some more money, try on some garlic yellow cloths( bags or braceletes are better choices).

    Dolce & Gabbana's autume collection is not that glamour as usual, but I do like the capes in this collection.
    The tips to match this kind of big shouldered capes is to decrease other parts on yourself, follow Kate Lamphear's daily wear is the best choice.

    If you are a Disco fan, then Marc's capes and coats could be your first choice in the coming season.

    Leather and spangle fabric are trendy meterials in fw09.


    Skinny Jeans, Peg Leg Pants(Jumpsuits),

    Skinny jeans is all over everywhere, this season it has some tiny things changed. Zigzagged skinny could be a must buy.
    Peg Leg Pants is a trend brought by Katie Holmes. Pants becomes more structural and three dimensional with the days coming.
    Jumpsuits are not that hot these days, but some Neon coloured jumpsuits are still worth to buy.
    Because it's more like high street style, so I'd rather take some special pieces to make a tutorial.

    points: PHI, Christian Dior

    PHI's skinny leggings is on my list in autume. It's very useful in daily wear. Nothing better to say, I LOVE IT.

    Christian Dior's collection this season is SCARRY. I can't find anything good to praise. But the meterial John used to make the peg eg pants is very nice. The satin fabric keeps the feminine, but the cutting somehow brings up the dandylook for the whole style.
    I suggest to use some Rider's Jacket to balance the pants' visual part. Heels better use boots.


    Pattern& Accesories

    Animal pattern is a trend in fw09 and ss10. The best way to use pattern things is to focus on one part, keeps other parts clean. If you don't use it well, it might makes you slotty. If you wanna wear patter skirt, then you could put on your white shirt and a pair of clean black heels

    point: Dolce& Gabbana, Blumarine

    This is not a good example, if I could, I would turn the patterned jacket into white rider's jacket.

    The accesories part I will find time to fill it up, this article really takes a lot of time. Wish you like it.

    The upper photo source:

    style.comSource URL:
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