Trees finally blooming, temperatures finally rising....Daylight Savings and the official start of Spring have come and gone, but today I can actually believe that winter is over. And not a moment too soon. Cue Annie.

    LISTEN: "Tomorrow" (Doreen's Mix)
    Some day you will be able to click on the above image and listen to the playlist, but so far the Style Maniac IT department [aka moi] has not figured out how. For now, treat this as an iTunes shopping list, if you like.
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Girl tattoo design on arm

Original Sexy girls design tattoo art butterfly

Jukari: The New Cirque du Soleil Workout

    Reebok and Cirque du Soleil have joined forces and are introducing gyms worldwide to Jukari. The new equipment helps you train like the Cirque du Soleil staff. Now you can fly through the air and train like never before.

    Promising an abs workout that'll leave you lifeless and a workout that will spark your interest in fitness training once again, Jukari fitness is the brand new workout experience designed for women and fuses the creative and artistic world of Cirque du Soleil with the fitness expertise of Reebok.

    You have to try it at least once to understand.Source URL:
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Gilles Marini Does the Argentine Tango

    Gilles Marini rocked the house on March 30, 2009 on Dancing with the Stars and scored himself a perfect 30. Gilles Marini and partner Cheryl Burke danced the Argentine Tango and man, I'm pretty sure that every woman in that room wishes she were in his arms.

    The man can move, and proved last night that sex literally oozes from ever freakin' pore on Gilles Marini's body.Source URL:
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Keri Hilson Performs with Lil Wayne

    Keri Hilson, whom you probably know as the girl voice in Timbaland's "The Way I Are," has her own album coming out soon and here she is performing with Lil Wayne. At about 3:10, Keri Hilson says, "Let me tell y'all something..."

    Keri Hilson then lifts Lil Wayne's shirt and says "Ain't a damn thing little about this Wayne." Wow, clever... except for the fact that he's 5'6". Yes, yes, I know she's inferring that he's a human tripod.

    Nevertheless, it's obvious that Keri Hilson will do whatever it takes to make it big, and more power to her. Hopefully, her music is actually good, but she really needs to step up that weave (see above). In a Perfect World is set for release on March 31, 2009 (today).

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What Hairstyles And Headpieces Do Celebrities Prefer Today? Hair Fashion Tendencies.

    What hairstyles and headpieces are in fashion thie season know our celebrities. They do their best to show you how to look fashionable this season spring - summer 2009. What the gallery below and try to study the lesson!


    Jennifer Lopez and Dita VonTeese go undercover in chic misterious tulle veils that give a nod to silver screen sirens of the '50s. It's very nice accessoty if you don't like to do make-up! :)

    Proving that great minds think alike, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Filth and Wisdom screening in N.Y.C. earlier this week in matching crimped dos. Honestly speaking, crimped hair is an old Madonna's trend.

    The headband trend is here to stay for a long time, and Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood showed off its latest incarnation – slipping a band on top of their long bangs. Last 2 seasons hippie style is very popular.

    Eva Longoria Parker and Maria Menounos went for retro glamour by amping up the volume of their bobs what is in style of 50's. Very fashionable look!

    Flipping their long brown locks over one shoulder, Katharine McPhee and Jessica Alba offered a new take on letting their hair down. Very womanlike trend.

    Beyoncé and Eva Mendes are bringing back the '50s, glamming up with the decade's most iconic hairslyle.

    Leave it to fashionistas Sienna Miller and Sarah Jessica Parker to add a little elegance to their look with buns fit for pirouetting.

    Giving a new meaning to feathered hair, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson pulled back their retro curls with womanlike plume barrettes.
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    One of the things I love about reading is when it translates unexpectedly into real life. Example: my friend Beth (in Chicago) recommended the novel Loving Frank, a fictionalized account of a real love affair between Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick Cheney. I read it (in Philadelphia) and emailed Gina (in Tokyo) to tell her about the Wright-designed Imperial Hotel in that city, a structure I had never heard of before reading the novel. Gina set off to discover it and it became her favorite bar. And so the world spins....

    READ: Loving Frank by Nancy Horan
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Zac Efron Gets Q-Tips Thrown His Way

    After being photographed in London with some really dark and thick earwax, Zac Efron was showered with Q-Tips the next time he was seen out in public. This should serve as a lesson to Zac Efron and every other celeb that thinks it's okay not to be perfect. We will find you, we will catch you and we will show the world your imperfections.

    I kinda feel bad for Zac Efron; he's so used to being a big-time heartthrob that it must be killing him when chicks think of him as nothing more than a ball of wax.

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Dennis Rodman's Celebrity Apprentice Intervention

    Dennis Rodman was fired from The Celebrity Apprentice on March 29, 2009. I know that you haven't watched Donald Trump's show since the second season of the show, but the boardroom part of the show was pretty brutal last night.

    Jesse James, Brian McKnight, Clint Black and everyone else in the room agreed that Dennis Rodman was an alcoholic and needed help. I mean, Joan Rivers can't even move her face and I could tell she was saddened by what was transpiring.

    Dennis Rodman began telling everyone what a great basketball player he was, which made the situation even sadder. My fear now is that Dennis Rodman is going to end his life (he already tried once before).Source URL:
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Shirtless Celeb of the Day - Zac Efron

    Here he is, Zac Efron, in all his shirtless glory. Yes I know we're a bit slow on the take, but hey, we got you Zac Efron without his shirt, so a little appreciation would be nice.

    Zac Efron is busy promoting his new movie 17 Again, a movie that has been done about 100 times before. And who knew that a young Chandler ends up looking like Zac Efron?!?

    Anyway, Zac Efron has a sweet 6-pack that we can all salivate over, so let's do that.

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Robert Pattinson Reads Gossip About Himself

    Robert Pattinson came to his own defense after reports (yes, we're guilty) surfaced that the Twilight star didn't shower and walked around with a funk. Robert Pattinson told reporters that, "I also do shower," after being told that the same rumors went around about Zac Efron.

    Robert Pattinson also said that his ideal male costar would be Benicio del Toro and was told about Ryan Reynolds' man crush on him. Robert Pattinson was incredibly flattered.

    As well as all that, Robert Pattinson also admitted that he looks himself up on the internet and only reads up on the negative stuff written about him. "I only look at the negative stuff. I just want to know whoever’s saying negative stuff, and I just want to remember their names. I write it all down in my little black book." takes everything back, Robert. Everything.Source URL:
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John Mayer Dresses up in Stewie's Sailor Suit

    John Mayer has taken ashore on his 4-day Mayercraft cruise. Last time he dressed up in Borat's swimsuit, this time John Mayer dressed up like he's on he set of Love Boat: What Really Happened.

    John Mayer admits that he's going through a juvenile phase that includes dressing like his favorite song is "YMCA," and Twittering about 75 times a day, but hopes that one day, he grows up and becomes a man.

    What do I think? Great legs, John... who does your waxing?

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Rihanna Gives Frankie Delgado a Lap Dance

    Rihanna has been seen partying a lot lately. I'm guessing her PR people are making her put herself out there to show the world that a) she's okay and b) Chris Brown is just a distant memory.

    So while she's out partying, Rihanna is also enjoying some alcoholic beverages, and with alcoholic beverages comes a little something called "gusto." And Rihanna was all about gusto at Deluxe on Thursday March 26, 2009, when she was whining and grinding all over Frankie Delgado. Who is Frankie Delgado? He stars in Bromance with Brody Jenner. That's right, he's a nobody. But a nobody who's getting a lap dance from Rihanna.

    As Destiny Child's "Bugaboo" played on the speakers, Rihanna showed Frankie Delgado her sexy moves and showed onlookers how over Chris Brown she really is. More power to her.Source URL:
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Paris Hilton Starts a Nightclub Brawl

    Because Paris Hilton is about as relevant as dust, she and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt thought it would be good for publicity if they started a nightclub brawl on Friday March 27, 2009. How did Paris Hilton pull it off? Well...

    First, Paris Hilton went to the DJ at 3 a.m. and asked him to stop playing techno music and play something else... something she could dance like a big skank to. A bodyguard near the DJ pushed Paris Hilton out of the way and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt had a conniption. A fiasco ensued.

    The outcome? Cops were called, no one was charged, Paris Hilton wasn't hurt but her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt ended up with a bloody lip. And herpes.

    A big thanks goes out to for the story.Source URL:
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Barack Obama Thinks There are 57 States

    I never thought that I would see the day when Barack Obama pulled a George W. Bush, but here it is. 

    Barack Obama tells his audience that he has traveled to every state, all 57 of them, but his people wouldn't allow him to go to Hawaii and Alaska. Ouch! He must be confusing the U.S. with Heinz's 57 varieties of food products. It's an honest, and most forgivable, mistake.

    Poor Barack Obama, any time he makes a mistake like saying that there are 57 states, we're going to tell him he pulled a Dubya. So then, shouldn't I be saying, poor Dubya? Hmm, food for thought. 
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Girl Faints on Live TV

    During an interview on live TV, a girl named Nikki faints. That's nothing unusual considering we tend to see people fainting on live TV every now and then. What is bizarre is that Nikki seems to have no idea that she's fainting.

    As well, the guy next to her watches her fall and just stands there, stunned at what he's seeing. Then when you cut to the studio, they're all tripping out over what has happened to Nikki. As though fainting is so weird and needs prayer.
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Eliza Dushku Dating Rick Fox

    Actress Eliza Dushku is dating basketball star Rick Fox. You may know Eliza Dushku from her new TV show Dollhouse (or not) and you might know Rick Fox as the ex-husband of actress Vanessa Williams

    Apparently, the new couple met at LIV nightclub in Miami on Wednesday and have bee swapping spit ever since. Yes, Rick Fox towers over Eliza Dushku when they are upright, but really, does that even matter?

    *Photo credit:

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Didn't Know He Fathered a 4-Year-Old Boy

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan - that's Denny Duquette to those of you who only know him by his Grey's Anatomy name, and The Comedian for those of you who only know him by his Watchmen name - is the father to a 4-year-old boy.

    That is not what makes this story bizarre... it's the fact that, up until a few weeks ago, Jeffrey Dean Morgan had no idea he was a dad. Sherrie Rose, an actress and model revealed to US magazine that her son was actually fathered by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Yup, that's how he found out.

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan has since met the tyke and will hopefully become a staple in the boy's life. Wow, I guess that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a bad breaker-upper and never contacts his exes.
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Photoshopped Celebrity Pics Before and After

    Glenn Feron is a touch up genius and has photoshopped such famous faces as Vivica Fox, Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria and many more. And now he has been kind enough to post up a handful of of his pictures so that the world could see that perfection is just impossible. Especially after the standards that Photoshop has created.

    Glenn Feron is likely going to piss off plenty of celebrities but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do to get onto the blogs. Right?Source URL:
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Butterfly Tattoos Arts Sexy Girls

Is Mariah Carey Pregnant?

    Rumors are swirling that Mariah Carey is pregnant with a baby girl, which would make sense because it looks like she has gained weight recently. Mariah Carey was spotted buying thousands of dollars worth of furniture.

    Add to that the fact that Mariah Carey has offered $125 million for a mansion in Holmby Hills, and there is no doubt that Mariah Carey is with child. Oooh, Ellen DeGeneres is going to be pissed!

    There's a good chance that the nannies will raise Mariah Carey's kid, but at least she will finally get to join the celebrity baby trend because that is what it's all about, after all.Source URL:
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Adam Lambert Performs Tracks of my Tears

    Adam Lambert killed it yesterday... not only did he sing the crap out of Smokey Robinson's "The Tracks of my Tears," but he also looked incredibly handsome. Gay or not, this boy has won everyone's heart across America.

    The judges were freaking out like crazy, and Adam Lambert obviously knew that he was going to nail that performance. Some might say he looked like Elvis last night with his greased back hair, but I thought that Adam Lambert looked more like Chris Isaak.

    No matter who he looked like, Adam Lambert blew away the audience - he got a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges.

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Rihanna Gets a Gun Tattoo

    After all the turmoil that Rihanna has experienced, she decided that getting a tattoo of a gun on her body would be a phenomenal idea. So Rihanna experimented at first, and had the tattoo artist draw two guns on either shoulder.

    Rihanna quickly realized that her body and face would be a hard sell for advertisers (CoverGirl and the like), so she got the gun tattoo on her ribcage, where she would have to lift her arm for others to see it.

    Hopefully, Rihanna doesn't start inking her body all over as a therapeutic way of getting over Chris Brown.Source URL:
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    Welcome to Dispatch, a vicarious visit to stylish spots around the world. This month I talk to Gina Pierantozzi, who recently had the good fortune to spend six weeks in Tokyo, Japan.

    (Who is Gina? My longtime friend, business partner in The Redecorators and a true style fanatic.)

    DOREEN: Describe Tokyo.
    GINA: Tokyo is one of the few places I've been that truly feels different from the U.S. When you first arrive it seems very cold--steel skyscrapers, everyone dressed in black. But then you realize it's all about the details. A shop girl takes as much time and care wrapping a $2 piece of candy as a $20,000 handbag. No interaction or job is small or insignificant. Everything is done with incredible pride, care and attention.

    Tell us about the ice.

    The ice! Okay, you cannot just plop down in a bar and grab a drink. Cocktail creation is an art. Every drink has a particular glass, yes. But there's also a particular shape and type of ice for each drink. All cut by hand. The bartender in the photo above chipped away at that hunk of ice until a perfect diamond emerged.

    Did you have to order a glass of wine to tide you over while waiting for a cocktail?

    Almost! One night Jimmy [husband] ordered a drink. The Master Bartender went through the twenty minute ritual of creating a cocktail. Finally he presents his masterpiece. But before Jimmy can take a sip it's yanked away--"oh, so sorry, so sorry!" Out comes a flashlight and all three bartenders bend over the glass to examine it. Turns out there was a crack in the ice.

    If ice warrants that much attention, what's the food like?

    Pristine. That's fugu above. And below, food at a department store. Just an ordinary department store.

    What about the restaurants?

    There are thousands of them. Look at the photo below--those signs list restaurants in just ONE building.

    Tokyo''s so outrageously expensive that most office workers live an hour or more away by train. Every night they go out with co-workers and get plastered. If they miss the last train home they sleep in the train station. Fully dressed, suit and tie, sprawled out on a bench with a briefcase beside them. And no one robs them. I couldn't get over that. This huge city teeming with people and virtually no crime.

    In addition to all the restaurants, vending machines line the streets. No garbage cans. Not a speck of litter. But vending machines and food kiosks everywhere. Where does it all go? I have no idea.

    How was the shopping? I love the vintage kimono you gave me.
    That's about all that would fit you! I'm five-two (and-three-quarters) and I felt like a giant over there. Size 9 shoes? Forget it. I did find an incredible rich white face cream. Turns out its nightingale shit, but wow does it work great.

    The fashions look surprisingly bold.

    There are two extremes. It's either what looks like government-issue uniform of black bottoms and white tops (for men and women) or crazy, all-out anything goes.

    TOP FIVE things a Style Maniac should do in Tokyo:
    1. Seek out the Secret Bars. They are marked only by a small sign so ask your concierge for detailed directions. You walk down steep, narrow flights of stairs to emerge into a magnificent bar with tuxedoed mixologists creating fantastic drinks.
    2. The restaurant supply district, Asakusa, where shops offer gazillions of dishes and custom-made knives hand-honed in front of you.
    3. Another section of Asakusa where the geisha girls buy their makeup.
    4. Visit a Sumo stable and learn about the rituals, hierarchy, feeding and surprising grace of the men in this Japanese sport.
    5. Omotesando is a high-end shopping street featuring Louis Vuitton, Fendi, etc. Parallel to it runs Takeshita Dori, a street where all the kids shop for cheap, crazy clothes. The contrast and combination of the two was my favorite part of Tokyo.

    Photos by Gina Pierantozzi

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