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Spotted: Haute Couture ss 2010 Givenchy/Armani Privé

    First I got to say it's being a loooong while since last thread.
    Once I felt like not gonna keeping this, but too many thing to take notes in my computer.
    So I guest it would be better do notes on the blog....

    On the Givenchy show plays a really cool soundtrack by The Knife called "Colouring of pigeons"

    Kinda like ancient echanting music, isn't it amazing?

    Riccardo Tisci really need time to have some fun. He've been under such a great preasure for a long time.
    Though in that period he made those themes and fabulous Gothic dresses, but I am so happy he could do something that is really outgoing not stucked in a little circle.

    Basically I figure this collection as mystic disco fever, those symmertrical well-made spakling details really shows how he knows about the material mixture and how to bring the visual drama of what fine print could do into material-to-fabric work.

    I love the hat, but don't know how to call hat like this?

    Oh, lovely laced bodysuit!

    This outfit could wins all over this season!

    Actually, this is not a crazy one in the bunch. But this is my edge of knowledge of Couture.
    Put it here only because the violet color is so fascinating that I couldn't but keep looking at it.

    Another Disco fever outfit, haha.

    It would be reallyyy nice on MariaCarla's body.
    But I'm appreciated to got Natalia Vodianova on fashion week again.
    (Our MCB got in a meaning-of-a-lifetime work the other day, couldn't rush to the show on time.
    It's nice that Natalia could do a favor as a rescue.)

    Then goes to the brilliant Armani Privé show.

    I got to say I never had a crush on Armani dresses, not even like a little.
    But Mr. Armani seems more openminded since great feedback of the several "twins-inspired" collections.
    The whole collection this season is about the moon. A new moon, full moon, or reflection of a moon.
    Playing with tiny specificated spakling things and moiré-made organza, every outfit in this collection catch the theme straight and directly.

    the moiré visual look

    a piece of organza

    J'adore the masculine shoulder structure, little bit boyish but feminine sexy appeal still.

    This dress is intriguing though I think it's kinda project-in-rushing.

    Most of the two pieces outfit in the show have such peplum around the waist
    like this. Simple but not cliché.

    Speechless when I saw the motion movement.
    Lovely structure!

    Kinda like Duchamp's design in the 20s, a clever imitation of new moon made wit a long tight gown.

    I love the shiny jersey using on this wear. Quite wearable.

    The details on the waist!!!

    These below are really awesome.

    Chanel and Valentino really piss me off!
    WTF this Frekenstein's wife hair is(in Chanel)

    And the ugly-to-bone Valentino.

    Jean Paul Gaultier is just way too hard to understand for me.
    But this is really something!

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