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Stockholm Fashion Week Magazine F/W 2010 : The Zone : Sara Blomqvist

    you know, we don't have to make everything placed well to get stunning pictures.
    but that doesn't mean we can make brainless photos like those crashes in Taiwan magazines.
    i don't like talking too much(well, thoughts are not easy to translate in words for me.) but these pictures shows.

    The Zone

    Model : Sara Blomqvist
    Photographer : Patrik Sehlstedt
    Stylist : Ellen Af Geijerstam

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Scandinavian Design by Lars Bolander

Mix Prints



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metal work

Sherlock Holmes

Alberta Ferretti fall winter 2010 campaign : Jac Jagaciak, Sigrid Agren

    like i've said before, the 90's photograph always gives me a special feeling. a very misterious, far way from distance air crash stops the time, halo covers everything. the glory spreads out when you give it a sneak. and people in the picture are Baroque statues, somehow they stay, meanwhile they move, which movement is beautiful but hard to seize. i think Paolo Roversi miss the 90's a lot, his recent work shows.

    model : Jac Jagaciak, Sigrid Agren
    photograph : Paolo Roversi
    stylist : Anastasia Barbieri

    我非常喜歡九零年代的攝影。那時候的風格好似凝重的空氣將影像中的一切真空包覆,光芒周旋於所有事物中,當你越看得入神,光就同水波般慢慢滲出、越顯明亮。而人物如同巴洛克時期的雕像,亦動亦靜。你知道他們動態的存在,卻很難用言語形容,也難以捉摸。這些神祕的元素使得每個畫面都值得留戀,Paolo Roversi想是懷念九零年代的氛圍多時,他最近常常把當時的故事帶到現在的工作中,讓我感染不少戀舊情結。

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Mona Johannesson for Elle Sweden, August 2010



    The fifth element in a great beach vacation: the people you share it with. Not all friends travel well together. Luckily, The Blogstresses* [who?? see end of post] get along just fine whether at city or shore, a delightful fact we discovered when Barbara Hammond suggested she, Lee Romano Sequeira and I hold our monthly gathering at her cheerful beach house in Ocean City.

    THE BEACH:  Ocean City, NJ  Although on weekdays a peaceful calm reigns over the stretch of sand and sea at the end of Barb's block, the front porch is where she finds her bliss, whether painting, writing, refueling or socializing. I just love this poem she wrote about it.

    THE BOOK: Barb chose Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas and Found Happiness by Dominique Browning because "it resonates with me about how crazy our lives have to get before we slow down and really live.  And I love Dominique's blog, mostly for the visuals. She has the most beautiful blog--wish I could figure out how to emulate it!"

    THE LOOK: Barbara Hammond's creative cottage is just what you'd expect from an artist, with handpainted murals and a happy kaleidoscope of colors. "For years my husband, kids and I moved all over the country," says Barb.  "But no matter where we lived, for two weeks every summer Ocean City was home. Now I'm living my dream by having my own house here."

    For attire, former Jersey girl Lee suggested I head to B&B, a mini department store overflowing with sundresses, bathing suits, flip-flops and more.  (I did and snagged a cute little aqua sundress and crazy-big, leopard-lined Murval straw bag for a song.) 

    LET'S COOK:  "How about my Lemon Pasta?" Barb responded when I asked what she'd cook at the beach.  " It's quick, easy and good hot, room temperature or cold."  (I couldn't wait for a beach trip.  Made it immediately and mmmm--delicious anywhere!)  Here's the recipe:
    1 box of your fave pasta
    2 lemons (or more if you're crazy for lemon)
    1/3 cup good extra virgin olive oil
    1/2 cup finely grated parmesan cheese (or romano if you like)
    Cook pasta per box directions. Meanwhile zest one lemon into a bowl then squeeze both lemons into same bowl.  Add olive oil.  Using a small whisk gradually add cheese and mix until cheese melts into the oil and becomes creamy. Toss pasta in this yummy mixture and enjoy!
    Book image via All other images courtesy Barbara Hammond.  To see more of Barb's work visit her Flickr page and blog, Zero to 60 & Beyond.

    *Who are The Blogstresses?  Three Philly friends--myself, Style Maniac; Barb, Zero to 60 & Beyond; and Lee, Madnesss, Mom & Me--who support, inspire and assist each other in our blogging endeavors ... plus enjoy cocktails and a lot of laughter.  If you recently started a blog, biz or other new venture I highly recommend gathering a support group to share the sometimes bumpy, other times bubbly journey with you.Source URL:
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want : Z Zegna blazer

i don't ever remember

Fashion Design Business

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    Fotolia_12402636_L.jpg image by stylesukcom

    As a fashion designer, you will have a creative and

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    Design by Louis de Gama
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    • Laura Ashley got her start as a secretary.
    • Vera Wang began designing when she became engaged at age 39 and couldn't find a suitable wedding gown for the mature first bride.
    • Ralph Lauren was born into a middle-class family who lived in the Bronx, and used to buy suits with his pocket money at age 12. He is now one of the richest and most famous fashion designers in the world.

    Of course, it takes hard work, creativity, and a true passion for

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Beauty In A Bottle

music of the day : Gwen Stefani - Don't Get It Twisted


    Oh how I love this quote.  Captures so well the lure and joy of the beach.  And serves as a good reminder for a city girl that even on days when I can't soak in salt water and "drink the wild air" I can get outside and step into the sunshine.  (Also reminds me I need to read more Emerson.)

    Image by Doreen Creede
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